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Sree Vilwadrinatha temple, Thiruvilwamala

     The Vilwadrinatha temple at Thiruvilwamala enjoys a unique status in different ways among the ancient sacred temples of Kerala. Located at Vilwamala, near Lakkidi Railway station, beyond the "Eighteen and a half hills" lapped in the luxurious abundance of the beauty of nature and caressed by lullabies of the famous river Nila, this temple captivates the eyes as well as the hearts of all the visitors. The valuable records, which contained the details of the grandeur of this temple, were destroyed twice by dreadful flames, when the temple caught fire. But devotional stories depicting valuable information are available otherwise.

     The Chathurbahu Mahavishnu idol in the eastern shrine which was worshipped by Lord Paramasiva himself at Kailas was conserved by Parasuarama is worshipped as "Sree Lakshmana" by devotees. In the western nada is the "Swayambhoo" turn as appeared before "Rishi Amalaka" with Sree Bhoomi Devi Sametha Chathurbahu Mahavishnu is worshipped as " Sree Rama" by devotees.

     Every year "Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Laksharchana" is performed in connection with Ekadasi Ulsavam which last for 7 days. It is peculiar in this temple that the sacred flowers are offered directly to the lotus feet of the deities during Laksharchana.Laksharchana will conclude on the "Ashtamy Day" followed by "Kalabhabhishekam" in both the Sanctum Sanctorum and after that there will be Prasada Oottu (feast). Thiruvilvamala Ekadasi festival is famous for its Ezhunnallippu, other temple events, discourses, sangeetholsavam etc.