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Sri Kallekulangara Emur Bhagavathy Temple

     Emur Bhagavathy (Hemambika), the bestower of prosperity, boons and auspiciousness raised her divine hands in the middle of the blessed pond Kallekulam. In a paroxysm of devotion, her impatient priest jumped in to the pond and caught hold of those hands before she fully manifested. The Devi stopped appearing. The priest got only the Deviís emerging hands. This is the great legend of the famous Hemambika Temple where the Deviís hands are enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum.

     Protecting those who seek refuge and granting boons and wishes to those who call out to her with their full heart, the compassionate Devi delightfully dwells in the village called Kallekulangara in Palakkad district. Thousands of devotees flock to her sanctum sanctorum and call out to her forgetting themselves. She protects them all with her boundless love.

     The number of renowned personages from various fields of life who rush to prostrate before her, the embodiment of the Ultimate Truth, is increasing day by day. Late Smt.Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, was prominent among them. Emur Bhagavathy (Hemambika) Temple stands out as the one and only temple in India where the idols are the Deviís hands.

Iswaramangalam Siva Temple

     There is evidence to suggest that Iswaramangalam Siva Temple owned by Emur Bhagavarthy (Hemambika) Devaswam was existent even at the time of the great saint Adi Sankara. It is considered a very credible account that, when the saint began a sayanapradikshanam around the temple, several Siva Idols appeared all around him. For fear of inadvertently violating the divine sanctity of the temple soil through contact with his body, Sankara decided against doing sayanapradikshanam and left the place satisfied by the great fortune of the Lordís darsanam only.

     The grandeur of Lord Dakshinamurhty very rarely seen in the temples of kerala is very conspicuous at Iswaramangalam Siva Temple, that the First Teacher (Adi Guru) Dakshinamurthy is enshrined with great sanctity in a special sanctum sanctorum is a unique feature of the temple. Lord Mahaganapathy and Sri Dharma Sastha are also beside him.

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